Dec 10, 2008


I was bad yesterday. I had every intention of getting lots of writing in, but . . . .

The phone woke me before I was ready to get up, not one, but two telemarketers in a row. I know because when the phone rang twice like that I thought it was someone important trying to get a hold of me so I went downstairs to check the answering machine. While I was down there I had a bowl of Corn Pops, and while I was eating my Corn Pops I started reading the new Kerrelyn Sparks book (All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire) I’ve had sitting beside my chair all during Nano and been manfully (womanfully?) resisting.

I didn’t even boot up my lap top until around 3 p.m. And then of course I had to do my daily e-mail and blog checks, which led to more reading. Needless to say, I got very little writing done.

The evening was somewhat better . . . I did get the opening scene mostly finished but it’s not a pretty sight. Some days I look forward to the day I get this done so I can start editing, and other days I shudder to think of all the work ahead of me.

Today I’m going to continue to fill plot holes. The only trouble is I keep finding more. There’s a couple of places where there’s a series of smaller plot holes that combine to make a plot crater. I want to finish the opening scene (which seems to be dragging out longer than I expected) and then keep moving.

I also have to come up with a name for my MMC’s planet, a name for the palace doctor and a name for the specialist who restores his memory. AND I have to give his brother a little more story. I thought about cutting the brother out entirely, but he’s integral to the beginning. I also have to work in a little more about the woman who’s after the MMC in the beginning - she could be a real source of trouble.

Is it just me or is this beginning to sound like the story that never ends?


Unknown said...

Yes, I know it is hard...but sometimes the best way to deal with a story line is to KISS it.

I think that is the biggest part of my writers block...I think it has to be complicated to be intelligent.

C R Ward said...

I used to believe in the KISS approach, but somehow my stories all end up being convoluted messes.

It must have something to do with my twisted mind ;-)