Dec 5, 2008

It’s Getting Drafty

It’s still a first draft until I print out a hard copy.

I decided this yesterday while I changed over my sabotage scenario to the pirate scenario because it took a bit of judicious editing to make it fit. But it does make a lot more sense with the pirates, believe it or not.

I checked out my plot holes in my Nano novel yesterday and I wrote a few point form lines of what needs to happen in these places, just to get me started. It appears to have worked, because I’m back in the head space I need to be to get the thing finished.

While I was in this headspace, I started thinking about why certain things took place in the story and before I knew what was happening, this whole conspiracy scenario started insinuating itself into the story. Excuse me? Isn’t there enough going on without adding conspiracies into the mix? Apparently not.

I have even figured out a logical reason for the MMC to know why the Imperial ruby he sees in the market place has a flaw in it. AND it’s even makes sense that the ruby is there when you know that he gave the ruby to a woman who pawned it to pay for someone to sabotage his ship which gets him into trouble in the first place. So I guess the section I was contemplating adding to the beginning is important after all.

The beginning section is harder than I thought it would be, mainly because I like my MMC the way I’ve portrayed him throughout the rest of the book - kind, gentle, but stubborn as hell - and now I have to paint him in a more unfavorable light. I think maybe if I’d had that section in the beginning, I might not have ended up liking him as much as I do.

So I guess it works well this way after all.

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