Dec 1, 2008

Things I Learned From Nano

Planning ahead, while not necessary, really helps. Even if the plan is all in your head.

It’s so much easier if you actually like the story you’re working on.

Gummi worms, while not a healthier snacking choice than chips or goldfish crackers, are a better choice because I tend to eat them slower and don’t eat as many in one sitting.

While I’m able to work on more than one WIP at a time, I make much better progress if I focus on one project until it’s done.

My mind does not work on a linear track.

I prefer to write the first draft in single space rather than double spaced.

I can do anything I set my mind to.

I think the most important thing Nano has taught me is to not give up. When the going got tough I didn’t give up or work on something else because this was the story I was going to win with. Working on something else would be just as bad as not working at all. So even when I felt the story wasn’t there, I persevered and pushed through it. And in the end I think the real win was that I finished what I started.


Unknown said...

There is a big star for you! Good job....

Jewel Allen said...

That's awesome! Nice to see these; I'm sure if I think about it long enough, I've had a few lessons from NaNo this year, but I am not holding still long enough to process...