Dec 2, 2008

Nano Aftermath

With the excitement of Nano behind me I’m back to having to rely on myself for motivation to get the words in every day, and we all know how well that’s worked in the past. It does not help when your best friend sends you a link to a website that leads to a highly addictive game.

The game plan for December is: fill plot holes in Nano novel; start edits on Nano novel; finish one of my other WIPs. There’s a Nano thread on Absolute Write where people like me are unwilling to let go of the Nano experience and are keeping the spirit alive by having a January Nano. This will just be for our own entertainment and we’ll be on the honour system, but it’s something to look forward to it.

So far I’ve filled a couple of minor plot holes and managed to ignore my inner editor. I really don’t want to start editing until the whole thing is finished. Ahead of me are some major plot holes, the ending for one, which has the potential to run on for pages. I’m also considering adding a section to the very beginning that will help define the male MC before he suffers memory loss, for comparison purposes later on. The other two major plot holes I have are the section where the MMC is home without his memory, and how he changes after he’s regained his memory. There’s also a scene with my MMC and FMC in a sunken bathtub that I want to try to fit in somewhere. ;-)

Hopefully, these plot holes won’t turn into deep chasms, although I am finding out why I skipped ahead on these sections. They may be important to the story, but they’re pretty draggy to write! I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and get ‘er done.

It’s going to be a long month!

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CJ Harley said...

Thanks for letting me know the people at AW are doing another NaNo in January. I have a friend who missed it this year.