Jun 2, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here

Did anyone besides me catch the Discovery Channel program on the Crystal Cave in Mexico? Fascinating stuff. Even after watching all that scientifically based information I know there’s a story in there somewhere, something magical . . .

Here’s a link if you want to explore a little more about the Crystal Cave.

After careful consideration, I’ve accepted the Summer Challenge over on AW. This is kind of like an unofficial NaNoWriMo, only you have until September 1 to complete a rough draft. Why would I do this when I seem to be struggling so much lately? Because I’m a glutton for punishment, that’s why. ;-)

Well, that may be partially true, but the real reason is I’m hoping it’ll give my fiction writing a boost, the way the PAD challenge gave my poetry a boost. It may seem a little counter-productive to start a new project at this point, but there’s a much longer time limit than the 30 days of NaNo to complete the challenge, and there’s no word restrictions.

Of course there’s no official check ins either, which means I’ll have to set up a progress meter of my own to shame me, I mean encourage me, into producing more.

For the month of June I figure I’ll be lucky to get in my page a day, plus the occasional poem, but after June will be a different story (hopefully!).

So, new goals for June:

New progress meter for the Summer Challenge.
Not sure yet how I’ll keep track of the Page-A-Day, other than a simple yes or no . . .
At least one new poem a week (which can take minutes to write or days to write, it depends on whether one just pops into my head or I have to sweat over it using a poetry prompt).
Editing, hard copy only. I’ve been really uneffective in this department. I keep using the hard copy as a reference, but I’ve been doing my editing on the lap top as I go along. I’ve printed out a copy of Driving Into Forever, now I need to shut down the lap top when I’m in editing mode.

I’d just like to add that all this grey weather we’ve been having lately is really not helping. I can handle one grey day, two at the most. After that I start getting the headaches and the tiredness and it’s just one great big energy sink.

Okay, enough of that. Less talking, more writing!

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Jamie D. said...

Welcome to the challenge! Hopefully we'll all end up with great first drafts...

And congrats on the goals as well. I'll look forward to watching your progress. :-)

It's gray here too - rainy, dreary, cold, and with some other economy-driven woes we're dealing with, it's hard to stay upbeat. But that does make it the perfect time to "escape" through novels and such, reading and writing (for me, anyways).

The sun will shine again soon - it has to!