Jun 11, 2009

Post Fairies

The post fairies have let me down. You know, the little pixel pixies that swarm around your computer at night and come up with the perfect post, then all you have to do is post it in the morning? Well, I started up the lap top this morning and no pre-written post appeared. Looks like another day of having to come up with something on my own.

Unless you really want to hear all about my economics class . . .

Have you ever noticed that some days you can think of more posts than you know what to do with, and other days you wouldn’t recognize a good topic if it came up and bit you on the . . . uh . . . nose?

Sometimes I’ll read something on someone else’s blog that triggers a post idea, sometimes I’ll read an article that makes me go, “Hmm.” A lot of times I’ll get an idea for a post after wandering around Absolute Write for a while, although this hasn’t happened in a while.

Just out of curiosity, where do you get your post ideas from? Or is this too much like asking where do you get your story ideas from?

I’ve never had any problem coming up with story ideas. Honestly, I really don’t understand people who do. Ideas are all around us. I think my biggest problem will be living long enough to write all the stories I have ideas for. Especially at the speed I’ve been writing lately. :-)

Sorry for the short post, but I did warn you that June was going to be a busy month.


Jamie D. said...

This is actually why I assigned a fairly specific topic to each day on my blog. I used to have a horrible time coming up with things to write about. So I forced myself to narrow the scope down to just a few general topics that I thought would not only be worthwhile for *me* to write about, but interesting for any readers who cared to join me.

Even on Thursdays (and Mondays, starting next week), I may not always have a topic ahead of time, but I have a "template" that the topic needs to fit into, which helps me narrow down a topic.

And my secret weapon is my weekly news post on Sundays. Under the guise of drumming up anticipation for the next week of posts, it forces me to pick my Thurs. topic 4 days ahead, so I'm thinking about it all week. Once I post it, I'm committed to that topic, so I have to make it work. ;-)

Obviously that doesn't work for all people or blogs, but that's how I force my own brain to deal with choosing blog topics. Now if I could channel that thought discipline into my fiction writing...

C R Ward said...

Thanks for sharing Jamie!

Benjamin Solah said...

Interesting question and I certainly have days with no posts, like today and yesterday. I may get a short post in this afternoon and some flash fiction tonight.

My posts are usually either political and literary, or a review. The political posts usually come about from a news article I've read, a protest or event I've been to or maybe a debate I've had.

The writing posts come from some problem I'm having writing or something I've learnt through the process of writing.

So when there's nothing in the news and I haven't written much, then it's hard to blog.

C R Ward said...

I've been following your reports on racism with interest Ben,you have a very interesting blog!