Jun 23, 2009

Open Mind, Insert Brain - Take Two

Dang! Just when I thought it was safe to sneak out onto the deck for a little recreational reading, I remembered my promise to do a proper post. There’s only one problem. I still can’t think of anything to post about.

Okay, now this is annoying. Here I am, all set to make good on my promise and my internet is down. Oh, well. I guess I can compose just as easily in Word Perfect as I can in the blogger window.

I’ve started the outline for the first story in the Starlight series. At this point I’m still not sure whether it’s going to be a trilogy of stories or a trilogy of novels. To be honest, it’s not much of an outline, but then as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m not much of an outliner. This is more to just keep me on the right path with the minimal wandering off. I’m sure no one’s noticed that my train of thought doesn’t seem to run on a proper track.

I’ve also got a few ideas down for a new poem. I’m a getting a jump on my “poemwork” for my poetry group. This month’s prompt is: Choose an animal, bird, insect or terrain which you feel that you are most like. Select at least 6 points of similarity between you and your chosen subject. And no, I am not comparing myself to a cat. :-p At least, not yet.

I also started going through my poems with an eye to picking out a few to submit to the Absolute Write anthology. Guess I’m going to have to do a little more digging in my files. I know I’ve got more kicking around that I have in my binder, the trick will be finding them. Or maybe the trick will be finding five good ones. :-)

Oh, look, the internet's back up.

A while back I decided to start skulking around the Share Your Work forum on AW and to my surprise I found my favorite was the Horror thread. Seriously! There’s some good stuff over there. I even commented on a couple.

It got me thinking of a horror story of my own. Something about a student who snaps during an economics class and stabs another student in the neck with a pen for blocking her view of the video they were supposed to be watching in class . . .

I’ve also signed up for the AW blog chain. I’m about halfway down the list so posting is imminent. So far it’s kind of like that game of secret, where someone starts off with a secret and tells it to the next person, who tells it to the next person and so on around a circle. The first poster started off with a post about global warming and each person is writing their own take on the post that went before them. It should be interesting to see where this ends up.


Jamie D. said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start on your summer WIP outline! I'll be interested to read your blog chain posts...fun idea! :-)

C R Ward said...

LOL The blog chain started yesterday with a flurry of activity and today . . . nothing so far. There's still about three ahead of me before I post.