Jun 16, 2009

Too Many Choices!

Hooray! I’m all caught up in class. That means I don’t have to slave away over my economics text books all afternoon. Instead, yesterday I slaved away over that frickin’ poem for my poetry group tonight. It was almost as bad as that sestina for the PAD challenge, and you probably remember how much I loved that! *insert sarcasm emoticon here*

Do you ever think there’s such a thing as too many ideas to choose from? That’s the way I’m starting to feel about the Summer Challenge. I have too many ideas to choose from and I just can’t make up my mind.

I’m going to take a chance here guys. I’m going to list the idea contender blurbs and let you vote for which one you think I should do. The poll is on the right and you don’t even have to comment, so don’t let me down!

1. Space Faery
This combines magic and hard science, myth and reality. The Faery race is pure magic, but circumstances make it necessary for them to seek an alliance with one of the space faring groups that pretty much run things. In this story you only meet the female Faery. Eons ago (well, maybe not eons, but a very long time!) there was a split between the sexes for what I’m sure will be a very good reason. It’s believed that the male Faery have died out, so part of this will involve the process by which the females procreate. It’s not as bad as it sounds!

2. China Doll
This one is set in the same universe as Driving Into Forever, but it’s about two completely different characters. China likes leather and motorcycles, tattoos and piercings. and she’s not really as tough as she pretends. She’s escaping from some bad guys who are after her and rides right into the Myst. She accidentally knocks down a scientist who’s studying the Myste, and they end up lost together. Many adventures ensue.

3. Starlight/Starbright
Three women do a good deed and their reward is a wish made on a falling star coming true. Three different women, three different wishes. I’d originally thought three different volumes, but it might be interesting to try this as a three-in-one volume.

4. Space Jungle
A linguistics expert overhears the wrong thing and, even though she couldn’t understand what was being said, the bad guys are after her. She crashes on a jungle planet and ends up living with some native cliff-dwellers. There’s a whole lot of cloak and dagger stuff going on here with her not really knowing who she can trust.

5. Stupid Space Idea That Wouldn’t Leave Me Alone Until I Wrote It Down
Once upon a time, there were two people in love. Unfortunately, the man was a callow youth with a gambling addiction and the crime lord took his girl friend as payment for a massive debt. Fast forward 5 or 10 years where the callow youth has matured and needs help to rescue his young sister from the same crime lord. He enlists the aid of the only person known to have escaped from the crime lord, his ex-girlfriend. Only he doesn’t know it and she doesn’t want him to. She helps him because she’s not going to let a young girl suffer just because her brother is an ass.

6. Wizard School
In another dimension, three boys are not looking forward to their school holiday, because they’re stuck at school and the headmaster is rather the grumpy sort. One of them overhears the cook saying it would only take a good woman to change his attitude, so they decide to find him one. Since conjuring a woman out of thin air is out of the question, they sneak into the library and find a spell that is supposed to pull the perfect woman out of space and time. Much hilarity ensues.

So, please vote for your favorite and I promise to abide by the majority. I’ll give you until the end of the week to help me out.


Jamie D. said...

It's absolutely possible to have too many ideas...I have a constant stream of them (which is why I don't mind "giving" away some of them for blog serials, etc).

Congrats on getting caught up in class!

I don't know if I really helped much, but I picked my three faves from your list. I like #5 too, but 2, 3 & 4 were my votes. I assume you'll be writing them all at some point anyways. :-)

Good luck!

bettielee said...

Fairies! Fairies! Fairies!

I like the fairy story idea.

but, perhaps I should recuse myself... I am biased.

Benjamin Solah said...

It's great to have too many ideas. You can always file them away for later.

And I vote on the 'stupid space story,' actually. That one sounds interesting.

C R Ward said...

Thanks for your help everyone!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm too late probably but I really like the China idea. Fairies are of course a VERY close second...hum