Jun 22, 2009

Monday? Already?

Wow, that weekend went by fast!

All right, I’m crunched for time here so let’s get right down to business. First, how did I do on last week’s goals which were:

Writing: page a day, poem for group, settle on idea for summer challenge
Non-writing: sewing and embroidery

So, how’d I do? Did not get a page a day written, unless you count the review notes for my economics exam, which I think should count because technically it’s writing, just not fiction writing. Got not one, not two, but three poems written, only two of which were read to the group because I’m not sure the third one’s finished yet. And, with the help of my friends, it looks like I’ve got my idea for the summer challenge. The winner is the Starlight series. Thank you to everyone who voted!

In the non-writing I did not get any actually sewing done, but I did get up to Fabricland to buy the lining, thread, and zipper to sew up my mother-of-the-bride outfit. I also got another center-piece cloth embroidered.

This week’s writing goals: start summer challenge novel, get back on track with the page a day, write at least one poem. I figure that combining the first two will make things easier. :-)

Non-writing goals: more embroidery, actually pull out the sewing machine to get started on my outfit, start organizing the day-after-wedding-potluck.

I’m sure there’s something else I’m forgetting, but I was up until 1:30 a.m. writing my economics paper that’s due today. Yes, I’m a bad girl, waiting for the last minute. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be that time-consuming, but there was a lot of research involved and a lot of paring down of the research. It was supposed to be between three and five pages, and mine ended up being eight pages long, but I’m hoping to get away with it because I included a lot of awesome graphs.

Okay, off to school. We start Marketing today, which I’m actually looking forward to.


Jamie D. said...

Great goals this week - and the page-a-day and Summer Challenge will blend very nicely, I'm sure.

Good luck, both with the goals and with your classes!

bettielee said...

Hey, girlie! I'm a cross stitcher myself, well, when I'm not writing. It seems I can only have one obsession at a time.

C R Ward said...

Jamie - nice how the page and summer challenges fit together, isn't it?
Bettielee - I used to cross stitch, then I got old and my eyes couldn't take it anymore. :-)