Oct 1, 2009


The Dorsimbra, is a poetry form created by Eve Braden, Frieda Dorris and Robert Simonton. It is a set form of three stanzas of four lines each.

Stanza One: Four lines of Shakespearean sonnet (iambic pentameter rhymed abab).
Stanza Two: Four lines of short and snappy free verse.
Stanza Three: Four lines of iambic pentameter blank verse, where the last line repeats the first line of Stanza One.

Since the Dorsimbra requires three different sorts of form writing, enjambment (a flow from line to line or stanza to stanza without any sort of end-line punctuation) can help to achieve fluidity between stanzas, while internal rhymes and near-rhymes can help tie the stanzas together.

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of iambic pentameter, I prefer eight syllable lines to ten, but after a couple of false starts I let my current mood take over and muddled through. As you can see, my current mood is rather dark (hence the darkness of the poem) - I put it down to a combination of the crappy weather, being stuck in afternoon classes again, and just a general malaise.

That being said, enjoy the poem. :-)


The deepest cut is delivered by one
Who matters, for whom we care the most
And once it’s made it cannot be undone;
It festers, tormenting us like a ghost .

You wield the knife
with such precision,
a maestro
with the blade.

Some people are key in shaping our lives,
Others have the charge of our hearts and souls.
There’s only a few I care for like that;
The deepest cut is delivered by one.


Jamie D. said...

Giving Poe a run for his money, I see...

Interesting form - and a dark poem well done. :-)

Anonymous said...

A most interesting form. I tried one on all poetry a site I am a member of, still no feed back but I think i did it good lol