Oct 26, 2009

Malingering Monday

I apologize for the tardiness of today’s post, but I’m still having computer/internet issues. I’m not sure if it’s a computer virus (which I can’t afford) or a problem with my ISP, but either way I’m not able to receive my ISP e-mail (nor can I access their site to get it) and everything else on the internet is pretty much hit or miss. *sigh*

But computer problems wasn’t the reason I got no writing done this weekend. My New Brunswick sister and her husband were supposed to stop for a quick visit on Friday (on their way from Toronto to Kingston) but came Saturday instead and stayed the night. Then Sunday I’d promised a friend I’d take her to Michael’s (a ginormous craft store) and she’s one of these people who like to browse. We had to drive Belleville for Michael’s and since it’s right across the street from the Quinte Mall, we stopped in there as well. Where she also browsed.

Oh well, I guess it could be worse. We could have planned to do this during NaNo. :-)


Last week’s goal were: finish poetry for posts in November; poemwork for Tuesday; Lai verse form for Thursday; journaling; writing prompts; extra chapters for Space Opera; assignments for school; and finish reading my current books.

Did not finish the poetry for the November posts, but the extra two were started. And in doing the research for the one poem, I came up for an idea for my trivia posts for the month of November. Got my poemwork finished in time for my poetry group, and once again inspiration didn’t actually strike until about a couple of hours before the group met. Got my Lai form up, although I admit it my example wasn’t exactly stellar. :-)

Journaling. Yeah. Didn’t happen.

Nor did the writing prompts, although in my defense, half the time I couldn’t access the two prompt sites.

Sigh. Only got half a chapter ahead in the Space Opera.

Got my assignments done for school and got 100% on both of them. And I got 95% on my exam. Go me! :-)

I also finished the two books I’d been reading and started a new one.

This Week’s Goals:

I shouldn’t have any problem finishing the poems for the November posts. This week’s Passion for Poetry form is . . . the Sedoka.

Depending on how my computer holds up, I might get the November posts done for Random Tuesdays . . . I’m going to give it a try at least.

While at the mall on Sunday, I found a new journal I fell in love with so I bought it as a treat. I couldn’t really be expected to go into an Indigo/Chapters and not buy anything, could I? Anyway, I’ve been thinking for a while about combining my writing journal with my regular journal to make it more personal and this is the perfect journal to start with. I was going to start it when I started NaNo, but I think I’ll start it this week instead.

I give up on the writing prompts for now - I’ve got too much regular writing to get done this week - but starting November first I’ll be using my Random Writings site for my NaNo progress.

And of course I need to work on my Space Opera. At this point I really don’t think I’m going to come up with four extra chapters before Sunday, but you never know . . .

So, that’s my week in a nutshell. How’s your week shaping up?


Jamie D. said...

Bummer you're still having computer issues! I hope they get resolved soon...

Best laid plans, eh? I'm hopelessly behind to, but trying to rally. good luck getting caught up this week! :-)

Erica said...

Computers are great and horrible at the same time :) I swear my work computer takes five years to open a simple word doc. Alas, we do need them don't we :)

Looks like you have a busy week planned! Enjoy :)

Lost Wanderer said...

Ooh, pretty new journal. Can you sense my excitement shining through?

I am sticking with moleskines for now, because totally loving them.

And sympathy with internet issues. HATE IT when that happens. Life seems to go on hold when the damn thing doesn't work.

Good luck with all the goals, and then it's NaNo Time :)

C R Ward said...

Thanks everyone! Fortunately I also have a desktop computer which, although it's not as handy, at least works in a pinch. :-)

Benjamin Solah said...

Computer and Internet issues are not fun and would drive me mad.

Hopefully they get all fixed up soon.