Oct 19, 2009

Procrastination, Thy Name is Author!

Friday night I decided it was time to check out the NaNo web site, and then I started thinking about my novel and how this year I’d like to have a cover for it. I have a vague idea what it’s going to be about and one thing started to lead to another . . . *sigh* Several hours later I finally had a finished product. If you want to take a peak you can look me up on the NaNo site - I’m Lady Cat over there - and while you’re at it, add me as a buddy. And if you do and you’re not already on my buddy list, let me know and I’ll add you back. You can never have too many buddies. :-)

I actually took the time to read the on-line version of the Toronto Star yesterday, and I’m glad I did because I found a really interesting article on writers and writing. It’s too long to steal borrow for my blog, but the link to it is HERE. Take a couple of minutes to read it, you won’t be sorry. I know I wasn’t. It’s nice to know I’m not alone out there with my procrastination.


Let’s see how I did on last week’s goals . . .

Pick one more poetry form for November and finish the poems for the posts. Give journaling another shot. Daily writing prompts. Finish chapter 10 and do the next two.

Although I do have all four poetry forms picked out and the posts written for November, I don’t have all the examples written yet. I wimped out of the Luc Bat for Passion For Poetry, and discovered that one of the forms I’ve chosen is even worse than it.

Journaling? Sigh. Let’s not talk about journaling. I just don’t seem to have the time for it right now. As a writing goal the only one it affects is me, which is why I’m not making it a priority.

Writing prompts . . . another sigh here. I did them once last week but to be honest they’re not high on my priority list right now either.

Did finish chapter 10 and the only reason it got posted late on Friday was because I was rushing to get an assignment done that was also due that day. I got chapter 11 done as well, and then fell off the wagon again.

Goals for this week:

Poetry: Finish the examples for November. Write the “poemwork” poem for my poetry group for Tuesday night. This month’s prompt was to write a poem with a few examples of synecdoche in it. No, I’ve never heard of it either. Apparently it’s a figure of speech in which the word for 'part' of something is used to mean the 'whole' of something. The poetry form for this week will be . . . the Lai verse form.

Journaling . . . I don’t know why I’m just not ready to give up completely on my journal. No promises but I’ll try to give it another shot.

Writing prompts . . . six minutes of my life every day. Is that really too much to ask? I’d like to get back to these just because they keep my mind limber. I’m going to aim for at least one of the two writing prompts every day.

Let’s see how many chapters I can write this week. Let’s face it, they’re short because space is limited when posting to a blog. In fact, there are less words in a chapter than in the daily word goals I’ll need to make for NaNo. All things considered, if I can’t churn out a couple of extra chapters this week then how can I expect to meet my NaNo goals?

Other stuff . . . I have two assignments due for Small Business Management, one of which is due today. I’ve got friend obligations on Tuesday afternoon, my poetry group Tuesday night, and family obligations on Friday afternoon. I’ve also got an exam on Friday. I’ve also got a couple of books I’d like to finish reading.

Looks like I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. How about you?


Jamie D. said...

Go C Go! And, uh...ouch! I keep telling myself the same thing about Tempest, but still haven't managed to stay ahead. Could be a frantic November if I have to keep up with Tempest at the same time.

But who am I kidding? NaNo is frantic anyways. That's the whole point.

Sounds like you've got a ton of things to do this week - good luck!! :-)

C R Ward said...

Thanks Jamie, I think I'm going to need all the luck I can get to make it through the week. :-)

Lost Wanderer said...

Procrastinating....yes, I know what that is. It's the thing I do a lot more than I should. :P

Today has been a total disaster for me in terms of working on my outline - as in I haven't even opened a file.
Good luck with your goals. No doubt it will all feel frantic before NaNo.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

You made my day. I love it when you stop by my blog because you are thoughtful and kind. You are a writer so you know the process and I value you opinion. My deepest thanks to you for your generousity, I shall never forget it.
All my very best,

C R Ward said...

L.W.: My middle name is procrastination!

Simone: I wasn't being kind, just honest. :-) Your writing is beautiful.