Oct 21, 2009

Wham Bam Wednesday

Sorry folks, no whimsey today.

I've been having internet issues at home so I'm typing this up on my brief break at school.

The only reason you got yesterday's post was that I scheduled it on Monday night - which is a good thing because Tuesday morning I tried to do some on-line banking and couldn't even get the site up.

Last night I couldn't even get this site up.

Now I have to run and get a coffee to take the taste of the melon chunks I bought at the grocery store out of my mouth. Unless canteloupe is supposed to tingle on the tongue?


Jamie D. said...

Now I don't feel so bad to have been neglecting my blog reading. Sorry to hear you're having such bad internet problems - I hope they get resolved soon!

C R Ward said...

From your mouth to the pixel pixies ears! At least I'm sort of able to get on the internet right now, knock wood. Although I can't acess any of my e-mails . . .