Oct 5, 2009

Mainly Monday

I am definitely not enjoying being back on afternoon classes. I can’t seem to get anything done in the mornings, and I get home in time to make supper and by the time that’s done I really don’t feel like doing anything else.

Normally I catch up on the slack of my week on my weekend, but this weekend was pretty much spent either driving or working on PowerPoint. I have a presentation due on Wednesday that’s worth 40% of my mark, so I figured I’d better get to work early on it. I’m glad I did because it was more time consuming that I thought it would be.

I ended up with two presentations, one for the Zodiac and one for NaNoWriMo. Anyone who’s curious, send me your e-mail address and I’ll forward one or both of them to you. :-)


Last week’s goals were to finish the poems I started for extra posts, write a Dorsimbra, keep up my journal and writing prompts, get the book review ready for the blog chain, read at least one book, work on Space Opera.

I am shaking my head sadly. Wow, I did bad!

Did not finish the two extra poems, although I did get my Dorsimbra posted on Thursday.

Fell off the journaling again, mostly because I didn’t really have anything to say. A question for you journalers out there, do you feel the need to write in your journal every day, or do you occasionally skip days when nothing much is going on?

Did my writing prompts three days (not in a row) which was one day better than the week before.

Did get the book review done before my turn came up, so when my turn on the blog chain came up it was all ready to go. You can read my review HERE.

I read not one, but two books! :-)

As for Space Opera . . . let’s just say I was lucky to get the one chapter done, let alone extras. I don’t know what it was about that chapter, it just didn’t want to come. The good news is, I’ve already started the next one so cross your fingers.

This Week’s Goals

Seriously get to work on those extra poems. This week’s poetry form will be the Zejel, which is a Spanish form. Let’s see if it’s easier than the Italian forms. :-)

Catch up on the journaling and go back to writing in my journal every night before going to bed.

I’m aiming for doing the writing prompts four days this week, not necessarily in a row. Maybe I should try and make them the last thing I do before shutting off my computer at night - it would get me in the habit. Or I could try doing them first, when I turn on my computer in the morning and before I do anything else.

Read another book. Yeah, I know, what a chore! :-)

Get chapters 9 and 10 of the Space Opera done by Friday.

So, that’s my week all lined up. How about you?

1 comment:

Jamie D. said...

Send me the NaNo presentation, please! :-) Sounds like fun!

I don't think I've ever journaled *every day*...I've always been the type to skip days that are just same ol', same ol'. For now, I've decided to let it go - other things I want to spend my time on at the moment.

Good job on the serial! I have those days too, where it's like pulling eye teeth to get the words out. Arg.

Good luck on this week's goals! :-)