Jan 5, 2012

Introducing Water

Starting January 12, the third instalment of the Ardraci Elementals begins, this time featuring Water. In Fire we were introduced to the evil Dr. Arjun and his quest for building a better elemental through his breeding program. We only had a brief glimpse of life inside Arjun’s compound, as our story was about a handful of children who’d been rescued from the breeding program and who had grown up with no idea of where they’d come from.

Water tells the tale of what it was like to grow up inside the compound. It’s a darker, grittier story than the other elemental stories. This is the story of AE-03-89-05 – aquatic elemental, third generation, eighty-fifth result, power level five. The children inside the compound are not given names, only designations, although AE-03-89-05’s mother calls him Kairavini in secret.

From birth, through growing up, through being introduced to his role in the breeding program, we follow the path of Ravi’s life. And before we’re done, we’ll watch as he falls in love, and how it affects his future.

Each Thursday a new chapter, in draft form, will be posted. Be sure and stop by.

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Nofretiri said...

Be sure to find me on board ... I'm looking forward to reading! Yeah!