Jan 17, 2012

Spreading the Love

Noteworthy posts:

From the Write Stuff, an interesting post on Networking Know-how

For those who are self-publishing, here are 7 Steps to Make Your Self-published Book Look More Professional

Sarah Makela had a guest poster who share some tips for Revising by Post-its.

Mooderino has an informative post on The Joys of Rewriting

The Great Publishing Review blog has 20 Economical Book Marketing Techniques

Irrational Propensity has a great post on Procrastination

Luke Romyn talks about the Path of the Writer

Don’t forget to go to You Gotta Read Covers to check out my book cover. You may have to scroll down a bit – I’m number 15.

Recommended blogs:

Marian Allen
I like Marian for the variety of post topics as well as the fact she gives a writing prompt at the end of each post.

From Sarah, With Joy
I’ve only been following this blog for a little while, but I find Sarah very entertaining.

Tea On Tap
Who knew there was such an amazing variety of teas out there?

Jo and the Novelist
I like Jo’s pithy posts. :-)

Journal Addict
Do you keep a journal? Ever thought about keeping a journal? Then you really need to check out this blog.

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Tara Tyler said...

awesome links! and did i mention i love your cover?