Jan 9, 2012

Myristicivorous Monday

myristicivorous ~ feeding upon nutmegs

Well how about that. Not only did I get all my posts done last week, I got them up in time as well. :-)

I made a start on my long-term goals, specifically figuring out where all my time goes during the day. And actually, because I was keeping track, I found I didn’t waste as much time as I normally would have. I’m slowly settling into a routine which includes spending a lot less time on the internet, which I’ve found to be the biggest time sink. I’ll still be checking my e-mails in the morning, and a quick check of Facebook, but I want to try and cut back on my gaming/socializing/surfing during the day.

As promised, I got the page up on Random Thoughts to keep track of what I’ve been reading, and I finally updated my What I’m Working On page on Random Thoughts. Now I just have to keep them updated.

Reading wise I re-read a couple of my favourite Charles de Lint books last week, and a bunch of stories I downloaded for free onto my kindle. The stories are not going to get put on my reading list unless they’re in an anthology. The list is for full length books only.

I was an editing machine last week and all I have left to edit on Fire is the journal entries, which I should have done in the next day or so and I can send it off to my readers. Be warned guys – it’s coming. ;-)

What’s Up For the Rest of the Week:

The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

I’ve found some really interesting posts last week so check out tomorrow’s list.

Wednesday (on Random Writings) I think it’s time to see what Paran and Thackery are up to again. They’ve been kind of random in the serial, but I have big plans for them when I get to the edits. :-)

Thursday will be the first instalment of my newest serial, Water (on Random Thoughts).

Friday will have the poetry form of the Sevenling (Random Writings) and a new flash written from a picture prompt (Random Thoughts).

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