Jan 31, 2012

Spreading the Love

Noteworthy posts:

Rattles Flash Fiction has a new picture prompt up. Check it out – you have until March 16 to submit a story of between 800 and 1000 words.

John A. Betcher, at Self-Publishing Central has the results from his free book promotion. If you’re self-published or thinking of self-publishing, you should really read this.

Chuck Wendig has 25 Things You Should Know About Story Structure. Helpful stuff!

Don’t forget to check out Tuesday Tales. Some of these are stand alone stories, many of them are works in progress and it’s worth taking the time to check out the back links to read the full stories. :-)

Looking for something fun to do? Try the A to Z Challenge. It’s not until April but there’s already over 300 people signed up already.

Inky Girl has some great comics and helpful advice for anyone attending a writer’s conference for the first time. Yes, I know it’s geared to the SCBWI conference, but it can apply to any writing conference.

Blogs and Websites:

Language is a Virus
This site has so much cool stuff I don’t know what you should check out first. Oh, wait. Yes I do. Click on the “Writing Games” tab on the upper left and have some fun.

One Word
Feel like writing but you don’t know how to start? Try One Word. It gives you a one word prompt and 60 seconds to write whatever pops into your head. Great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Seriously, this is the coolest webcam ever! I’ve seen a bunch of different animals, but you have to be patient. :-)

1000 Words A Day
If you need a challenge to get your writing done, sign up here. It doesn’t have to be 1,000, you can set your goal lower if you like, but it will still give you a boost.

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