Jan 4, 2012

Last Chance

This is your last chance to read the on-line, draft version of Fire. I’ll be removing it on Sunday to make way for my new serial, so read it while you still can or you’ll have to wait until it’s published – hopefully in February.

Ch. 1~Ch. 2~Ch. 3~Ch. 4~Ch.5~Ch. 6~Ch.7~Ch. 8~Ch. 9~Ch. 10~Ch. 11~Ch. 12~Ch. 13~
Ch. 14~Ch. 15~Ch. 16~Ch. 17~Ch. 18~Ch. 19~Ch. 20~Ch. 21~Ch. 22~Ch. 23~Ch. 24~Ch. 25~
Ch. 26~Ch. 27~Ch. 28~Ch. 29~Ch. 30~Ch. 31~Ch. 32~Ch. 32~Ch. 33~Ch. 34~Ch. 35~Ch. 36~
Ch. 37~Ch. 38~Ch. 39~Ch. 40~Ch. 41~Ch. 42~Ch. 43~ Ch. 44~Ch. 45~Ch. 46~Ch. 47~Ch. 48~
Ch. 49~Ch. 50~Ch. 51~Ch. 52~Ch. 53~Ch. 54~Conclusion

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