Aug 26, 2013

Mellaginous Monday

mellaginous ~ of, like or pertaining to or resembling honey

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't nearly as productive last week as I would have liked to have been. I suppose I could blame the rise in temperature (and humidity) that caused a spat of headaches, but I was also in a funk for the first part of the week and it took a while to get out of it. Just one of those things.

In any case, the big news of the week is, thanks to a shark movie marathon on the weekend (Ghost Shark, Sharkasaurus, and Swamp Shark), I finished my sweater. I had just enough yarn to finish. It may look short, but I'm short waisted and for me the length is just right. However, I did run into a minor problem.

As you know, I was working without a pattern. The idea was to knit two squares (with ribbing on the bottom) and then sew them together. This would give me a boatneck collar and a drop shoulder look. However, the sweater wasn't quite wide enough for the drop shoulder. I had a choice. I could either rip it out, again, or use my mad sewing skills to alter it.

As you know, I've already had to rip this sucker out a couple of times. So I took the sewing option. I just tucked the excess under and sewed the raw edge down. It actually looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. And it didn't turn out bulky either, but gave the armholes a nice stability. And because I know you're curious, here's a picture:

So . . . what else did I do last week? I got more reading in by forcing myself to take a break once in awhile and go sit out on the deck. It helped that I treated myself to a new brand of tea for break time - it's a green tea with lemongrass and spearmint. I went on a baking binge on Wednesday - a double batch of peanut butter cookies using chunky peanut butter; a batch of sugar free, gluten free cookies; and a batch of peanut butter cupcakes. I also caught up on a bunch of emails.

Blog Stuff For the Week:

Tuesday: Part fifteen in my series on the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The Devil.
A new hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)
Thursday: Chapter 80 of Water. Finally! They've broken through to the Outside. But now what? You'll have to read it to see.
Friday: This week's Ramble will be all about my minions. Everyone should have minions, right? ;-)

Other Stuff

This week's TraxTime report runs from August 18 through August 24.

Crafts - 4 hours and 21 minutes ~ down from 6 hrs and 45 min
Emails - 8 hours and 53 minutes ~ up from 6 hrs and 39 min
Games - 5 hours and 55 minutes ~ way down from 12 hrs and 55 min
Reading - 5 hours and 27 minutes ~ way up from 2 hr and 59 min
Non-fiction - 9 hours and 53 minutes ~ up from 7 hrs and 00 min
Fiction - 5 hours and 01 minutes ~ up from 3 hrs and 29 min
Editing - 11 hours and 32 minutes ~ way down from 17 hrs and 26 min

Let's see . . . it makes sense that Crafts went down because I finished my sweater. I think it'll be back to crocheting for a while, at least until I work up the courage to start one of the two Icelandic sweaters I'm doing for Christmas presents.

The Emails time was up - as I said I wrote a bunch of them. And I was really happy to see that the Gaming time went down so much. At first I thought I must have missed clocking some of it, but then I realized I probably had the same number of sessions, I just wasn't spending as much on each one.

More time reading, more time writing, but less time editing. This could be because it was later in the week before I got my editing mojo back. Remember how I told you I was looking for some payback for those 649 comments a certain person made on Magical Misfire? Her novel is half that size, so I figured I owed her at least 325 comments.

Unfortunately, I didn't even make it to 100 comments. I think I'm going to have to go over it one more time, just to be sure. ;-)

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Jamie D. said...

Oh come on...I'm sure you can make at least 100, considering which novel you're working on. LOL You can do it! Although that contemporary English might not help much with that. ;-)

Yay for the sweater, and yay for less gaming, eh? On to more fiction this week?