Mar 28, 2014

Happy Launch Day!

I am pleased and proud to announce the release of An Elemental Water, book III of the Ardraci Elementals.

Yes, I know that I mentioned this in the post below, but that was my reading post and a book launch deserves a post of its own. So here it is. :-)

This book was almost two years in the making. It took 89 weeks to write it - one episode a week, serialized on my blog in draft form. Then the editing process took another few months. At one point I thought it would be the story that never ends. But here we are at last, and I like to think it was worth the wait.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

A secret lab.

A forbidden love.

An experiment out of control . . .

For Kairavini, the only life he's ever known has been within the walls of the compound; the only goal to be found a worthy participant in the Program. But all that changes the night he breaks into the records room seeking illicit information, and instead finds a guard named Taja, who teaches him the difference between breeding and making love.

Taja Windsinger is working undercover for the Ardraci Black Ops. Her mission is to gather intel on Dr. Uri Arjun so that his genetic experiments can be stopped and he can be brought to justice. Instead she finds Kairavini, the man she was destined to be with. But even if they can overcome her prejudices and his conditioning, there's still a perilous journey through an active volcano and a devastating tsunami to face. Can love truly conquer all?


Do you know what today is?

Shocked at the sound of his sister's voice in his head, Ravi stopped pacing. Of all the times she could have contacted him, this was the worst possible.

It's the anniversary of our birth, she continued. We were born nineteen years ago. I have been researching birth customs of other cultures and some celebrate this day every year. They call it a birth day.

A birth day? What a strange thing to celebrate. Birth is a natural biological function.
Ravi was just grateful that she didn't pick up on what was really on his mind.

Part of the celebration is the giving of gifts and the eating of cake. And you'll never guess what they put on the cake.

What do they put on the cake?
Ravi asked, humoring her.

Wax candles. They light the candles and the one who's birth day it is blows out the flames. Isn't that the oddest thing you've ever heard of?

I wonder why they do it.

I don't know. Perhaps their eyesight is very dim and they need the extra light to see.

But then why blow them out again?

A sigh filled his mind. I don't know.

She paused for so long he thought she'd wandered off, so when she spoke again he gave a start of surprise. You don't need to work so hard shielding your mind from me. I know what you'll be doing in a little while.

You do?
He wanted to sink right through the stone floor.

There's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's what we were bred to do. It's perfectly natural.

Ravi resumed his pacing. That's just the problem. I don't feel like it's natural at all. It's unnatural for two people who've never met to do something so intimate together. At least it looks pretty intimate - you do it without any clothing, and there's naked flesh touching naked flesh, and--


He winced as Nereida's mind-voice cut him off in mid-babble.

You have to move past this, Ravi. I've never heard of anyone refusing to do their duty but I'm sure the punishment would be terrible.

I'm not intending to refuse,
he replied. I just wish I could get it over with.

If you don't relax, you may not be able to do your duty.

Oh, thank you, that makes me feel so much better.

I'm serious Ravi, you have to relax. It's not as bad as you're making it out to be.

And how would you know?

The voice in his mind went silent. Ravi stopped pacing again.

We're nineteen years old, you said. The breeding age for females was lowered to eighteen. You've already done this, haven't you?

Still, Nereida was silent.

If it's not so bad, then why didn't you tell me?

*~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

You can get your copy for the introductory price of $1.99. This price is only good until the end of April, so pick your copy up today at one of the following locations:
Brazen Snake Books

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