Mar 3, 2014

Microcalorimeter Monday

microcalorimeter ~ instrument for measuring tiny quantities of heat

You know, as much as I take real pride in being a true winter's child, enough is enough. I'm tired of the cold and snow. Spring can come any time now - really it can. We're back in the sub-zero temperatures and we got more snow over the weekend.

This prolonged winter is making me tired and cranky, and I'm running low on extra strength Advil for my headaches. Someone was telling me that it's not supposed to start warming up until the end of April, but I refuse to believe it.

But at least the kid will be nice and warm - I finally finished her afghan.

I also finally finished a couple of sewing projects that have been hanging over my head. Nice to get them out of the way. And I decided it's not the sewing I dislike so much, it's my sewing machine. I think it senses my dislike and that's why it acts up so much. And just when I thought it was safe to put it away for awhile, I got a request for a baby quilt. The baby was born last week so it'll be a rush job on the quilt.

The kid's appointment in Oakville was put off until this week, but the good news is that I don't have to get up at the crack of dark to take her. This one is an afternoon appointment. And she has another one on Friday, but this one is close to where a friend of mine lives so I can sneak in a visit while I wait. Good stuff.

Jeez, I'm thinking back to last week and what I did, and nothing's coming to mind. I only did what writing I had to for blog posting, and you may have noticed I was pretty late with the chapter for Earth again. I did edit a story, but not my own . . . The afghan didn't take me all week to finish, it was done by Wednesday or Thursday . . .

Thursday I went out for lunch with a friend and then afterwards I helped her pick out a new lap top. It's always fun spending other people's money. This week I'm going to help her set it up and then we talked about parking our butts in a local coffee shop once a week to write to see if that helps motivate us - she's hitting a bit of a dry spell too.

Now that I've got all those non-writing projects out of the way, I'm really hoping I'll find a little more energy for the writing projects.

And I can take heart in the fact that there's only seventeen days left until spring!

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