Mar 31, 2014

Macropterous Monday

macropterous ~ having large wings or fins

For those of you who missed Friday's post, scroll down! I finally launched An Elemental Water, Book III of the Ardraci Elementals. By scrolling down you will see my awesome cover (thank you Jamie!), and not only can you read the blurb that'll go on the back cover, I also posted an excerpt from the book itself.

My chicken tortellini soup turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Actually, the hubby liked it more than I did, but he likes tortellini anything. :-)

After the full gamut of weather last week (snow, rain, wind, sun, bitter cold) we're supposed to settle in to above freezing temperatures and sun this week. I've heard this before so I'll believe it when I see it.

While I can't say that last week was totally bad, I will say I spend a lot of time on crochet therapy. I started a scrap afghan a couple of weeks ago to use up all the odds and ends of yarn left from various projects (like the catghan was supposed to be). This one is in just plain old granny squares so it's going fairly quickly. I'm going to alternate 12 inch squares with groups of four 6 inch squares. So far I have all of the big squares done and over half of the smaller ones. And I'm playing it smart this time - I'm tucking the ends in as I finish each square. Did I mention the large squares have five colours and the small ones three? I'll post a picture when I'm done. :-)

This week . . . I have one more read through on a story I'm editing before sending it back to its author. It's always so much more fun editing for other people than for myself. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that with someone else I'm only suggesting changes, while when I do it for myself I actually have to make the changes.

I had a couple of really good ideas to include in Lucky Dog, one of which will set up the ending so it's not so much of a cliff hanger, yet you'll want to read the next Moonstone Chronicle to find out what happens next. We haven't heard the last of Prince King Ewan, and he'll be getting his comeuppance.

One of these ideas included the possibility of one of the characters having their hands cut off, so when I was out for lunch with a writing friend who also happens to be a nurse, I was grilling her about how quickly someone would bleed out from something like that and different ways to ensure the person lived. We didn't start grossing out the people around us until we started discussing using maggots as a way to help keep the wounds clean (they'd eat the dead tissue). Then my friend grossed me out by describing the case of a woman with a severe head trauma who actually did end up with maggots in the wound. :-)

I read through a stand alone novel I'd like to finish . . . the first 150 pages were pretty good, the remaining 65 pages . . . not so much. The scary part is, it's already at over 70,000 words and there's a lot more that needs to be added.

I think we all need to keep our fingers crossed that winter is gone for good. Maybe bowing our heads and saying a little prayer couldn't hurt either. My little ducky friends are back and they have nowhere to swim. ;-)

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