Sep 15, 2014

Moriform Monday

moriform ~ shaped like a mulberry

Are you ready for Autumn?

The first couple of days last week were hot and humid, but by the end of the week I had an afghan on the bed and the windows were closed. Even the one in my office, and you know it's cold when I close that one. Fall is definitely on the way.

The hubby gave up the hope he'd get one last swim in and closed up the pool on the weekend. And the really funny part about that is, a couple of hours after he did so we heard a duck out in the back yard. Apparently Daphne approved of the tarp being on the pool. LOL

I checked with the Weather Network to see what the temperatures were going to be like this week - okay, I confess. I was checking to see if the hubby was justified in closing up the pool or if he was being a little premature. Turns out he was right. The cooler temperatures are here to stay.

Anyway, I couldn't help clicking on the Winter Preview while I was there, and I kind of wish I hadn't. While the east coast and the west coast are predicted to have above normal temperatures this winter, the central part - you know, the part I live smack dab in the middle of - is predicted to have below normal temperatures. *sigh*

In fact, the weather guy is saying the "pattern resembles last year." Really? The cold I can live with - I have lots of blankets and I enjoy being able to wear a sweater once in awhile. But I could really do without another ice storm. So could the tree in our front yard that never quite recovered from the one we had last year.

See that branch hanging beside the car? It never did spring back up quite like the rest of the branches. The hubby wanted to hack off a bunch of limbs - okay, maybe he might have suggested trimming it back - but I'm a notorious tree hugger and there were enough trees being desecrated in the neighborhood.

So . . . not being one to put a lot of faith in the Weather Network - sorry, but when they're telling me the rain has been ongoing for a couple of hours and it's dry outside, I tend to lose confidence in them - I checked the tried and true Farmer's Almanac.

It also predicted below normal temperatures for the long winter, as well as above normal snowfall. Just how far above normal are we talking? And may I request that this snow not fall on our driveway or sidewalk?

Okay, so the freezing rain may have shut things down for a few days. But at least we didn't have to shovel it, not like the snow.

Maybe it was a good thing I joined a gym after all. ;-)

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