Sep 3, 2014

Of Forgetfulness and Other Garbage . . .

Did you notice there Wildcard post last week?

Yeah . . . I kind of forgot all about it. And when I remembered I came up blank as to what to write about. It's still kind of blank in there. Plus, I'm writing this Tuesday night, which actually feels like Monday night when I don't have to worry about a blog post at all.


So I was whining complaining mentioning this to my friend Jamie and amongst other things she suggested catching up on some of the things I used to talk about on a regular basis.

This is a really good idea, but I'm not going to use it this week. Instead I'm going to talk about a subject that comes up every Monday night. Or in this case a Monday-like night. Namely, the garbage.

I don't know how things work where you are, but where I live the garbage and recycling go out once a week on the night before pick up - that is to say, Monday night. When there's a holiday Monday pick-up is moved to the following night.

Although the services our taxes pay for are supposed to include garbage pick up, we still have to buy garbage tags to place on the bags - no tag, no pick up. Plus we're limited to three bags per household (although we can have as many bags of recycling as we like). Normally we only put out one bag.

Anyway, a few years ago, my husband and his friend started calling Monday nights "garbage eve". I'm not sure which one came up with the name but either one can give you a long list of (imaginary) rituals that are observed, including fireworks.

I, for my part, wrote a song to commemorate the occasion. It's sung to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree":

Garbage Eve

O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!
I hate thee with a passion;
O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!
Where is the can for trashin’?

I hate you when the summer’s here,
But also when the winter’s near,
O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!
I hate thee with a passion!

Okay, maybe it's not much of a song. But still, it's better than skipping my Wednesday post again, right? :-D

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Jamie DeBree said...

LOL - You're too funny. :-) And how odd that you still have to pay for tags when your taxes should cover the whole thing...weird.

Our trash goes in a dumpster in the alley behind our house, where it's picked up once a week. Garbage pickup is included in our city taxes, so we pay for it with the water bill, of all things.

The city's recycling program is only for yard waste - grass, tree branches, weeds, leaves, etc. And that's included, but we do have to put that bin out every week spring through fall (no compost collection in the winter, obviously)...and we tend to forget often (though I noticed my hubby remembered last night). I also pay for curbside recycling of glass/plastic/paper through an independent company, and that goes out to the front curb every two weeks...I have a reminder on my digital list set for that.

I never really thought of it as something to hate's just part of my normal routine, so when the reminders come up, I take it out, and that's that. I take the trash to the dumpster on Sundays, and it's just part of my normal routine too, so I don't really think about it unless the weather's which case the bag(s) generally sits outside the back door until the weather's better. ;-)

And now I've written more about trash than anything else today, and it's all your fault. LOL I should fix that.