Sep 22, 2014

Muffineer Monday

muffineer ~ dish for keeping muffins hot

You know, I feel like I talk overmuch about the weather, but you have to admit it's been pretty darn interesting lately.

We had a couple of perfect fall days - sun was shining but it wasn't overly warm - followed by a couple of really cold days - to the point where I even turned the furnace on one morning to take the chill off - and these last couple of days have been downright muggy.

So last week when I said the cooler temperatures were here to stay? I lied. Or more specifically, the Weather Network lied. But then we tend to expect that kind of behavior from them, don't we? However, if they could be wrong about the cold weather being here to stay, maybe their predictions for the coming winter will be wrong as well.

*knock on wood*

As well as being a mixed bag weather-wise, last week was a bit of a mixed bag of accomplishments too. A little of this, a little of that . . . a couple of migraines . . .

I think my biggest accomplishment is my consistency with the words on Lucky Dog. I'm now up to 80,000 words, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because wow, that's a lot of words! And bad because whoa, that's a lot of words and a great many of them are going to have to be cut. But the end is near. Two more major scenes, but a whole lot of little stuff in between too. Will I finish this week? I have no idea. At this point I think I just keep writing so I won't have to start editing it. ;-)

I have another baby sweater about half done . . . this one is for my grandchild to be, due at the end of January. It's in optimistic pink and I will definitely be doing the booties as well as the hat to go with it. The daughter put in a request for a boob hat (also known as a breast beanie), but that is so not going to happen!

No. Just . . . no

In other news . . . I also got a little reading done, some editing, and some more books loaded into the nook. I have a large basket that I use for gathering the books that are going in there, and I figure if I even do one basket full a day, I should have the book part of the nook finished by the weekend. Then it just needs a few finishing touches and - cross your fingers - I'll be able to do my nook post next week.

The temperatures this week are supposed to be moderate and sunny, which will be perfect for giving the gardens a clean out in preparation for the coming winter.

Yeah, right. Even I don't believe that one. LOL

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