Sep 29, 2014

Mythoclast Monday

mythoclast ~ destroyer of myths

You know, I came to a conclusion yesterday while I was cutting the lawns. It's not the cutting I hate, it's the lawns themselves. And the lawn mower. The back yard, even though it's bigger, isn't so bad. But the front yard is bumpy and pitted and you really don't notice it unless you're walking back and forth across it. It's gone beyond rolling to fix it. What it needs is a load of topsoil spread over it to smooth it out.

The lawn mower now . . . I swear this lawn mower was one of the first ones that ever ran on gasoline:

Okay, maybe not quite as old as the one in the picture, but it's pretty darn close. It's wobbly and rickety and held together with spit and a prayer. Even the hubby's having trouble starting it these days. But year after year it keeps hanging in there, despite all odds and oodles of neglect. You kind of gotta admire a machine that faithful, but that's not going to stop me from doing a happy dance on its grave when it finally does give up the ghost. ;-)

Now there's an interesting idea for a story . . . the ghost of an old lawn mower comes back and haunts the family that replaced it with a spiffy new one. Sort of like Stephen King's Christine, only on a smaller scale. LOL

Happiness would be a hover-mower. One that glides over the grass as it cuts. It would respond to your slightest touch - no more struggling and man-handling it to get it to turn. And it would have a push button start so you don't hurt something pulling on those stupid cords.

Somebody get right on that, 'kay?

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

Last week was a pretty good week for getting stuff done, despite my extremely grumpy mood. I added another 5,000 words to Lucky Dog, got some editing done, finished knitting my fingerless gloves, and got another few rows added to the baby sweater.

I keep thinking the end is in sight with Lucky Dog, but every time I do the characters hare off on some other side trip. Right now Jessica is having an intense, but necessary, conversation with her dead mother. She really needs to just shut up and get back on track. ;-)

The fingerless gloves turned out perfect, which is saying something because I didn't use a pattern. Too bad the weather has turned warm so even first thing in the morning I don't need them. They were great for working on during TV time 'cause I didn't have to pay such close attention to what I was doing. Unlike the baby sweater I'm doing. I'm almost finished the main piece, then I just have to add the sleeves and do the booties and bonnet.

In the meantime, though she appreciates the effort I'm putting into the pink one, the daughter has requested a white one as well, just in case. Apparently the doctor who told them it's a girl is known for being wrong . . . about 50% of the time.

She's also put in a request for cowboy booties, which look simple enough to do, and there's even a crocheted cowboy hat to go with it.

Good thing the new season on television's started, I might have a chance at getting them all done before the baby comes. LOL

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