Jan 19, 2015

Mopsical Monday

mopsical ~ short-sighted

So here's a funny thing . . . I forgot all about this post!

Usually I write my Monday post on Sunday, or more to the point late Sunday night, but yesterday it completely slipped my mind.

I really hope this doesn't set a tone for the week, I've got a lot on the go. Including the arrival of my very first grandbaby, who's due to make an appearance at 8 a.m., Wednesday, January 21.

Isn't modern medicine grand? An ultra sound showed the baby was in breech position with no possibility of turning, so it was just a matter of when they could fit my daughter into the OR schedule. Me? I had to go through X hours of labour before they decided the baby just didn't want to come out before I got my Caesarean section. At least my daughter will be spared the labour part.

So on the weekend I finished the curtains I was making for the baby's nursery, and now I need to go to town on the cat-ghan. I wasn't sure of the colours - I didn't really like the variegated with the solids, but it actually looks a lot nicer than I thought it would. But then it's for my grandbaby, so why wouldn't it? ;-)

I didn't get a lot of writing in last week, but I did get a bunch of reading in. Just one of those things. Hopefully the reading binge is out of my system and I can get my focus back.

I think I've mentioned before that I've written far enough ahead on Earth that I could easily take a month off and still not have to worry about a new installment to post. Not that I would do that of course. But it's made me realize that the way the story is going, the book itself won't be finished until late March.

Originally I'd kind of had visions of releasing Earth and Lucky Dog at the same time, but there's no point in making people wait for one while I work on the other. If I finish Earth by the end of March, that means it'll be late April when it's ready to be released.

Lucky Dog, on the other hand, just needs its major editing and then its polishing and it's done. Needs a cover too, but that's a whole other kettle of fish that I'm not going into right now. :-D

In any case, when I'm not admiring my new grandbaby this week, I'll be writing on Earth and editing Luck Dog. Maybe I'll even start moving some of my reference books upstairs to the pretty bookcase so I can spread the books I have in my office out a little more. Maybe I might even get at some of the other things I've been neglecting of late.

Now where'd I put that goals list . . .

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RamblingWords said...

Sounds like the highlight of your week arrives on Wednesday. I hope all goes well for everyone involved and that you get to enjoy every minute of being a grannie! Cheers, Ardee-ann