Jan 7, 2015

Of Closets and Nooks . . .

Once upon a time there was a writer who was dissatisfied with her writing space. For one thing, there wasn't enough room for all her stuff. And for another, there was no comfy place to sit and read.

First she tried moving her bookcase around, but that didn't exactly create more space, it just created more mess. So then she took a long look at her set-up and realized that her closet held a lot of wasted space.

Then she had the bright idea of converting her closet into a reading nook! She could line the closet with shelves and have a padded bench to sit on. What a great idea!

The first step was to empty out the closet and put up the strapping for the shelves:

Then it needed to be painted. A nice glossy black to match the desk and cabinets sounded just right:

Next were the shelves and bench. And wouldn't it be cool to be able to store stuff in the bench?

And what would a reading nook be without books?

All that was left was the cat's approval:

Just add cushions and we have the finished reading nook:

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