Jan 9, 2015

What I'm Reading

Regular readers of this blog will know that I kind of slacked off in the reading department over the holidays. Sometimes it was just too hard to fit time to read in. Plus I had issues with tiredness, as in it was hard to keep my eyes open some nights.

But I'm back, and further more I've been getting some reading in. One of my resolutions was to read for an hour a day and so far I've been sticking to it. Not always all at once, mind you. Sometimes I spread the hour out in bits and pieces over the course of the day.

Previously I had a bunch of books I was pretty much neglecting, so I think in honour of the new year I'm going to start fresh and only discuss books I'm actually reading.

And as promised in my 'goals for the year' post, I'll be doing a book review once a month, probably at the end of the month.

Electronic Books

Poor George. He's been very neglected as of late. Part of the problem is that I have a lot of crap on George. In the beginning I went a little crazy downloading free books. Any and all free books. And it turns out that there's a reason most of those books were free.

And another problem is that when I open a book on George it's pretty much a crap shoot. There's no blurb on the back of the book to check, so you're pretty much judging a book by its cover. Unless you have a computer nearby so you can look the book up and then make an informed decision on whether you want to read it or not.

Now a smart person would take a day (or two, or a whole week) and go through the books they have stored, checking out whether they were really worth downloading, putting them in categories to make it easier to choose a book to fit their mood . . . But no one every accused me of being overly smart. Besides, I started moving the books I was keeping into categories as I finished reading them, just to keep them separate.

So in other words, I have not been reading much in the way of electronic books lately.

Tree Books

I've got two books on the go here. The first is Horns, by Joe Hill. There was a movie starring Daniel Radcliff made from this novel, which was what attracted me in the first place. So far it's a very strange story about Ignatius Perrish, a man who's girlfriend was raped and murdered about a year before the story takes place. Ig was suspected of the crime, but there wasn't enough proof to support the claim. The story begins the morning after a night of drunkenness when Ig wakes up with a horrific hangover and a set of horns beginning to grow out of his head. And then he discovers the people he encounters tell him exactly what's on their minds. If he touches them he can learn their deepest, darkest secrets. And if he tells them to do something, they do it.

The other book is Blood Magick, by Nora Roberts, Book Three of the Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy. I'm trying to make this book last, I really am, but it's not easy. It's warm and witchy and full of romance and suspense. A friend has been lending these books to me, but I just might have to break down and buy my own set, they're that good.


I finished reading Hunting the Corrigan's Blood by Holly Lisle. This was an excellent book - science fiction at its best. It was fast paced and full of twists and turns. Cadence Drake is a character you can really root for, especially after all the obstacles she's forced to overcome. My only complaint is that it's not part of a series. I wanted the adventure to continue, even after the end.

I finished reading The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine Volume 1 and now I'm working my way through Volume 2. The title is pretty self explanatory. Marion published her own fantasy magazine from 1988 through 2000, and these two collections of the best of that magazine.

And that's pretty much it for now. A small list compare to some of the ones last year, but I think I have a better chance of finishing what I start if I keep it short.

So . . . what about you? What have you been reading lately?

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