Jan 30, 2015

What I'm Reading

I am by no means a professional book reviewer, so don't expect to find a well-thought out, profession review here. What I will be giving is my opinion, more or less. And as such, I will only be reviewing books that I have enjoyed. As a writer myself I see no need to trash someone else's work at great length. And also, as a writer, I have writing friends. So I may also shamelessly plug one of their books from time to time. It's my blog and I'll plug if I want to. :-D

Welcome to my first monthly book review. As you can see, I'm not off to an auspicious start, being late with this post, but I'm here now, so that's something anyway. The idea behind these reviews is to encourage me to finish at least one book a month, and to keep up with Goodreads. I really need to get into the habit of adding books to Goodreads as I finish them and leaving a note or two on whether I liked them or not.

I'd like to take a moment to encourage everyone to leave even a sentence or two on Amazon, or Goodreads, or wherever the book you just finished can be found. Show some love to the authors who've worked so hard for your enjoyment. Especially if it's an indie author (self-published), or lesser known author. Reviews can translate into sales, which translates into more of the books you enjoy.

On to the good stuff!

I'd like to start with a shameless plug for a book that's just been released today by my writing buddy Jamie DeBree. The book is Flame and Stone, and it's awesome! And I'm not just saying that because Jamie is my friend. It's her first paranormal romance and I hope it'll be far from her last. Just go buy a copy, you won't be sorry!

It takes a lot of heat to melt a heart of stone…

Flames once put the heartbroken Thomas Grady under the ancient curse of an old manor house. Two hundred years later, fire fueled by an unholy passion drives Katie Watson to the same manor for protection. Assigned as her guardian under duress, Thomas just wants to do his job and go back to his perch at the top of the manor.

Katie falls hard for her new protector, even as they’re planning an intervention for her nemesis. Now that she’s found him, she refuses to give him up – even if that means she has to travel through both time and space to make it happen…

Read an excerpt from this book on Jamie's webiste
Or better yet, just go get your copy right now!
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Despite having read all those Nora Roberts books at the beginning of the month, the book I chose to review today is Hunting the Corrigan's Blood by Holly Lisle.

Before she had even taken the job, Cadence Drake, a professional finder of lost things, regains consciousness to discover herself in a sealed space station locker, her sole companion the corpse of a stranger.

But Cadence has a personality problem: she's stubborn. Trying to scare her off was the worst thing the mystery perps could have done.

Now she and her friend and partner Badger are in the employ of an ultra-rich manufacturer of top-of-the-line starships, seeking a stolen spaceship - the Corrigan's Blood, a hypership with almost supernatural capabilities. And the trail they follow, which began with the dead woman in the locker, throws Cadence into the path of smugglers, thieves, and killers, and leads to the one place in the universe that she doesn't dare go.


This book was science fiction at its best. There was adventure and amazing technology and more twists and turns than a roller coaster. I loved the character of Cadence Drake - that girl could really take a licking and keep on ticking. And even when she knows that doing the right thing could lead to tragedy, she does it anyway, because it's the right thing to do. She and her partner Badger are bound by more than bonds of friendship. Although they are not lovers, they were once, and you can't help rooting for them to get back together. Her mother goes beyond cold-hearted. The things she's done, and is still doing . . . I don't want to give out any spoilers, but there's a twist to this novel that shouldn't work, but it does. The ending does not wrap things up neatly, there are still battles to be fought, wounds to heal, and it will leave you wishing for more, but you won't begrudge Cadence some time to have a rest. She's earned it.

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