Jan 12, 2015

Muricate Monday

muricate ~ rough or warty with sharp points

Honestly, how do these Mondays keep creeping up on me without warning?

As has become my habit, I'm going to begin with the weather. Still cold, still windy, still gloomy. However, we do have a bit of snow on the ground finally. We got just barely enough to shovel.

I had said that since I didn't get snow for Christmas I should get snow for my birthday and I did - my birthday was on the weekend. :-)

The big news of the week will be to find out if my soon-to-be grandbaby is going to be a Capricorn like her gramie, or an Aquarius like her grampie. We know the daughter is going to be having a Caesarean section, but not what date. If it's before January 19, it'll be Capricorn, after that it's Aquarius. But it's safe to say she'll be born in the Chinese year of the horse - the Year of the Green Sheep doesn't start until late in February.

I didn't do very well in the craft department last week but that's going to have to change this week. I need to make the mattress for the bassinette my grandbaby will be sleeping in (it once held her mother but the old mattress, which I also made, needs to be replaced). And I also volunteered to help the daughter with the curtains for the baby's room and with the left-over foam from the mattress we'll be making cushions for her rocking chair. And by we, I mean me. ;-)

I also have the baby set to finish for my friend, and a cat-ghan to start for my grandbaby. Last week all I got done was a few rows on the baby set. But it's over the half-way mark so I should be able to finish it this week during the nightly TV viewing.

Did you notice? I got all my blog posts done last week and up on time. Will wonders never cease, eh?

The reading went really well - the only problem being I finished the book I'd started and now I want to read more of them. Only it was the last book in a trilogy, and I borrowed them from a friend. Otherwise I'd be reading them again.

Got plenty of writing done last week, including jotting down some ideas for additional books in a series I haven't written yet. LOL They were good ideas, otherwise I would have just told them to bugger off.

The great book migration is underway. I'm taking my time, which means I'm only plugging away at it when I've nothing better to do. So far I've moved my category romances (Harlequin Intrigue, Silhouette Shadows, Harlequin Blaze . . .) to the bookcases upstairs. I was hoping to repurpose one of my medium sized bookcases to hold my to-be-read books, but I don't think it will be big enough, even if I double them up. I have a few too many unread books. ;-)

Yikes! I was just re-reading my goals list from last week and realized I didn't do any editing (for myself) last week. Bad author/editor!

I think I need to print out my goals list and stick it on my cork board, just to keep myself honest. Well, and more importantly so I don't forget what they are. I missed out on the social network/promotion thing, the working on a story thing, and I only made one journal entry. Oops!

And so it begins. The year has just started and I'm already behind. LOL

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