Mar 30, 2015

Misoneism Monday

misoneism ~ hatred of novelty

I'll start with the weather report 'cause I know how much you all like that. :-D

Despite the fact that it snowed twice last week, my deck is finally snow free!

Of course if you look closely you'll notice there's still a substantial amount of snow in the back yard. But it's getting there.

Once again I spent most of the week working on the second draft of Lucky Dog. I've got another 25 chapters under my belt, bringing the total to 43. I'm finally into the section that needs paring down and I'm finding some of these chapters are a little on the long side. Barring any unforeseen interruptions to my time, I should be able to finish by the end of the week.

I never did get my more detailed progress report done on My Writing Journal. Maybe this week.

In the typical way my luck runs, the snow we got on Thursday caused a power outage right before my sister arrived for lunch. It's a little hard to heat up homemade soup when there's no power. But all was not lost, I had a pot of coffee that just finished perking before the power went out, so at least we had that. ;-)

And while I might not have got a lot of editing done with my sister here, I did manage to finish this:

I originally started this for my granddaughter - my daughter assured me Ellie wanted a catghan in purple. But since Ellie is only 22 inches long I made it throw sized and apparently I was supposed to make it bed sized. So . . . the throw is mine and I can take my time with the full sized catghan since it'll be a while until Ellie needs it.

Something to look forward to, eh?

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