Mar 4, 2015

Wreck This Journal - Week Three

It was pointed out to me last week that I was mistaken. I thought you were supposed to wreck the pages in order, but apparently the order doesn't matter. This makes it a little more fun 'cause now I get to pick and choose. ;-)

So . . . last week I mentioned that I tried the page where you're supposed to stand on the page, or wipe your feet on it or jump up and down on it, and it didn't really work out well for me. So this week I had the bright idea of painting the sole of my shoe first. It left a great print, but what wasn't so great was getting the paint off my shoe afterwards. Oops!

The next page I tried was kind of fun. There were a half dozen large dots scattered over two pages and the instructions were for me to close my eyes and connect them from memory. I didn't do too badly either. Well, all except for that last one. LOL

Another fun page to do was to create a nonstop line over two pages. If you squint you can see the places where I had to stop and sharpen my pencil.

And finally, I came to a page where I was instructed to doodle all over it. I think I'm going to have to pick up a set of coloured pens for pages like this because the pencil crayon doesn't show up very well.

Join me here next week as I continue to wreck my journal!

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RamblingWords said...

Carol, this just looks like so very, very much fun. I am glad that you are enjoying it. :D