Jun 9, 2014

Morassic Monday

morassic ~ of, like or pertaining to a morass

Why do weekends never go as planned? I'm not saying I didn't get a bunch of stuff done, it's just I didn't get the stuff done that I intended to.

Saturday night I sat down with some colour pencils and graph paper, and tried to figure out the pattern for my green hexagon afghan. I had two different colour coded set-ups . . . and didn't like either of them.

So then I took my hexagons down to the rec room, and while the hubby and I watched reruns of Hawaii 5-0 on On Demand, I started laying out hexagons on the carpet. This is what I came up with:

It took a bit of work to get it in a pattern that uses the optimum number of hexagons, but I really like the look of it as a big hex. It looks even better now that I'm starting to join the hexagons with a black granny stitch. And of course it's going to end up bigger than it looks in the picture. Plus I'll have a few hexagons left over if I want to make a cushion to go with it. :-)

My 9-point star afghan isn't going to be quite as impressive in size (I posted a picture of it last week) and I'm just starting the last ball of that yarn. I'll be going to Michaels (craft supply store) later today so I might see if they have something that would go with all that orange and white.

I'm not sure what happened to Daphne's babies, but she was hanging out at our place all day yesterday, which I doubt she'd do if her eggs had hatched or were close to hatching. Did a fox or racoon get them? Was it just too cold? Did all the insecticides used in the neighbourhood affect the integrity of the eggs? Or was it something more sinister?

The neighbours who were feeing Daphne left around Wednesday to go on a three week vacation, leaving the neighbour (whose stone fireplace Daphne was nesting in) without anyone to keep watch. She's a nasty old biddy and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out she did something to the eggs.

In the meantime, as I said, Daphne spent her day at our place yesterday, sometimes in the pool, sometimes in the pond. Later in the day she was joined by six other mallards, all of whom wanted a piece of her (so to speak). She got so upset that she flew to the roof of the building over the neighbour's pool. And 'cause I knew you wouldn't believe me, I took a picture of her:

And here's a picture of Daphne with all her beaux, both joining her on the roof and waiting patiently below. Are these ducks weird or what? :-)

Not much progress to report on the reading nook. The wood for the bench part of the nook is almost ready to go - just waiting for the paint to dry, and with the damp weather we've been having that paint is taking its sweet time. *sigh*

So . . . I'm not sure if I'll have an update for the Wildcard Wednesday post or not. Guess you'll just have to come back and check it out for yourself. ;-)


Jamie D. said...

I love that layout - that is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all put together with the black joining...

Poor Daphne. Can't a girl get a little space, boys? Sheesh. *eyeroll*

C R Ward said...

Joining them with the black was a smart move - it really makes the colours pop. It's going to be awesome. :-)