Jun 4, 2014

The Continuing Saga . . .

For those of you who are late to the story, You can find the beginning of the Great Closet Conversion HERE and the next steps HERE.

In a nutshell, my office is in what used to be the master bedroom of our house. And as such, it has a really big closet in it. When I took over this space as my office, I ripped the sliding doors off said closet, and put a desk and a cabinet in there to turn it into my printing/storage alcove.

Then I got the bright idea to turn the closet into a reading nook. You know, with shelves for books and a padded bench for sitting on.

I'm not sure, but I suspect this operation might turn into grounds for divorce. ;-)

So . . . part one of this project was essentially cleaning out the closet and part two was painting it. This week started out with putting up the shelves:

It looks simple enough, doesn't it? But I'm sure the hubby will be the first one to point out that it wasn't. This is an old house, and I don't know if it was due to settling over the years or if it was just built this way, but the walls of the closet are not even. As in, each of the shelves had to be custom cut to fit so there wouldn't be gaps on the ends.

So first the shelves were all cut to the same length, then painted, then trimmed to fit. And I really missed the boat here 'cause I didn't think to take a picture of them while they were propped up in the music room drying. It was like a big black table 'cause they were lined up side by side.

That pretty much took up all of Saturday.

The next stage in this painstaking process was installing the framework for the bench that's going in there:

The bench needs to be strong enough for me to stand on (so I can reach the upper shelves of books), hence the heavy frame work. And it will open up so I can use the inside of it for storage. The hubby was a little concerned about the height of the bench, it's higher than most chairs, but he's not the type to curl up in a chair. Trust me, it'll be awesome. :-)

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