Aug 25, 2014

Maelid Monday

maelid ~ apple-nymph

So . . . I got up yesterday morning, looked at my "to-do" list, and wanted to crawl right back into bed and stay there. Or run away from home. Either would have done it for me. :-)

So I decided to rebel. I ignored my list. It wasn't exactly a day off, I still did things like make a proper dinner (which I only seem to do on Sundays or if we have company) and the laundry, and I baked a cake from a recipe my sister phoned to have me look up for her (to say she's not internet savy would be like saying a cat doesn't like to sleep).

But I didn't cut the lawns or do the vacuuming. And while it felt good to ignore these two rather important things from my list of things I really didn't want to do, I know I'm going to have to do them eventually. And it's probably going to be when I feel like doing them even less than I felt like doing them yesterday.

Sometimes it really sucks being a grownup with all the responsibilities a grownup has.

Remember the nagging thing I have going on with my friend Jamie? I have to say it's working really well for me. I've been getting lots of words in on Lucky Dog - it's over 60,000 words now. In some ways it's like a mini NaNo, I have to get the words in no matter what. And like NaNo I think a lot of what I'm writing is garbage, so I'm starting to think the reason I get obsessive about adding to it is to avoid having to edit it. :-)

So our lovely cooler weather turned into hot and muggy weather. We had a couple of days of rain, a couple of days of just being overcast, and a lot of humidity. This week - who knows? It's supposed to be cooler, but they've been wrong before. And honestly, it's not the temperature that concerns me, it's the humidity. Humidity and I just don't get along. But then does anyone like it when it's humid?

Did everyone watch the new episode of Dr. Who on the weekend? It was the first episode with the new Doctor. I had a friend try and phone me as a joke right before the episode started. She was going to give me some trumped up story about a computer emergency just to see what kind of reaction she got. Well, the joke was on her. I heard the phone ring and ignored it, letting the machine pick it up. I figured if it was important they'd leave a message. There was no message, so I didn't give it another thought. After all, the Doctor was on!

I think Peter Capaldi will do very well in the role, although I wasn't impressed with the changes that were made to the opening sequence. I could live with the updates made when Dr. Who was first brought back with Christopher Eccelston, after all there's been a lot of improvements to film making since the show last aired. But they've gone too far with this new one:

Nope. Not happy with all those clock gears at all!

This week I'm hoping to settle into a routine of sorts. The hubby did all right going into the office for half days last week, and went for the whole day on Friday. This week he's going to start with the half days and then play it by ear.

The doctor warned him that he'd get to the point where he'd start feeling good enough that he'd start slacking on all the precautions he's supposed to take, and I think he's reached that stage. He's been forgetting to use his cane, trying to bend when he shouldn't . . . He needs to be more careful 'cause a relapse would keep him chained to the house again. And if that happens I'll have to have help digging the hole in the backyard to bury his body in. ;-)

I finished the baby sweater I was working on, but not the bonnet and booties, so I don't have a picture yet. The yarn I used was white with a bit of blue and green in it, so when I went to do the finishing I thought I'd use yellow as a contrast. I should have gone with white. The yellow isn't as bright as the blue or green and it looks a little off. At least to me it does. But it is what it is and it didn't look too bad when I added the ribbon.

My goals for the week . . . get the booties and bonnet done before my appointment with the nutritionist (which I think is Thursday), get some of the editing work done that I have piling up, many more words on Lucky Dog, and maybe even relax a bit on the deck with a good book, weather permitting.

I lead such an exciting life, don't I? ;-)

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