Aug 18, 2014

Mycophagous Monday

mycophagous ~ eating fungus

It's after 1 a.m. as I write this, and I can barely keep my eyes open. It was a lonnggg week.

I don't recall it starting that way, but about Wednesday my time started shrinking and my to-do list kept growing. But the amazing thing is that I got almost everything done - even cutting the lawns, which took me three or four days. Not to do the actual cutting, but to co-ordinate my time with the weather.

It's been pretty cold in our neck of the woods, unseasonably so. And when I'm finding it cold, you know it's cold. We're talking wearing long pants and socks, and switching to flannel sleep pants at night. But that's not the weather that was keeping me from my lawn cutting. That would be the vast amount of rain, or the threat of rain, we got last week.

In case you were wondering, I got the lawns cut Sunday. Which is today as I write this, but yesterday as you read this. It was overcast, and cool enough that I didn't feel like lying down and dying afterwards. And I did the entire yard, front and back, on one tank of gas. Go me!

Saturday (amongst other things) there was an anniversary party for my in-laws. It was their 60th, quite the milestone. They rented one of the local halls and had an open house, followed by a dinner for just the immediate family. There were friends and relatives from all over drifting in and out during the open house, although the pouring rain put a bit of a damper on things towards the end. But we saw people we hadn't seen in years.

In other news . . . I'm happy to report I made some progress on the nook last week. I've brought three or four loads of hardback books down from upstairs using my trusty basket, and the books are not only catalogued, they're on a shelf in the nook. AND I'm starting to think I'm going to have room for all of them, including all my Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey collections. :-)

So . . . as I was shelving the above mentioned books, I of course had to climb into my nook. The nook that Taz has been sleeping in. And even though I used the side he wasn't, I ended up covered in cat hair. So after I cleaned myself off, I decided to clean out the cat hair on his side of the nook. I ended up with enough hair to build a new cat. And here I though shedding season was over!

In the craft department, I finished the main part of the baby sweater I was working on, I just need to add the trim. Once I decide what colour to make the trim. The yarn is mostly white, with a bit of blue and green and the odd spot of pink. I have both yellow and green to choose from, although I'm leaning towards the yellow - the green doesn't quite match the green in the sweater. And then I have to do the bonnet and booties and my set will be done and I can post a picture.

I'm also happy to report that I'm making good progress on Lucky Dog. There might be hope of having it ready for Christmas after all. :-)

This week is going to be . . . interesting. The hubby has transitioned pretty much away from the walker totally and is using a cane now, and has decided he wants to try working at his office instead of from home. Hmm.

I'm still determined to come up with a workable daily routine. I don't think I realized how much my routine meant to me until I had all this extra stuff messing it up. I'm pretty sure I've got a handle on which of my daily tasks are best done at what times now, and that, I think, makes all the difference. Let's hear it for a workable routine! ;-)

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