Aug 11, 2014

Miticide Monday

miticide ~ agent which kills mites

Last week was one of those messed up weeks when I found it hard to figure out what day it was. I blame the Civic Holiday. Holiday Mondays always seem to throw me off.

Of all the holidays, this is the one I don't understand. It's not a statutory holiday, but a municipal one, and not everyone celebrates it. I got curious enough to look up why we get the first Monday of August off.

The exact origins of the day are unknown and the reason for celebrating it varies from province to province, but it's generally accepted that somewhere in our past it was decided we needed a long weekend in August. In Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Ontario, and Manitoba it's called the Civic holiday; Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and New Brunswick name it after their province; in Alberta it's Heritage Day; Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island know it as Natal Day; and Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec, and the Yukon Territory are out of luck - they don't celebrate it under any name. Weird, or what?

Thanks to my co-nagger Jamie I got over 2,000 words in on Lucky Dog last week. We have a thing going where we send each other email reminders to get things done and it seems to be working well for both of us. ;-)

The flash murder story I mentioned last week? I did manage to whittle it down to the 250 word limit and managed to get it submitted just in the nick of time. Now I want to go back and expand it into a longer piece. :-D

No progress to report on the nook, although I honestly did try to get some work done on it Sunday. I was literally starting to load books into a basket to start bringing them downstairs and the phone rang - a friend I hadn't talked to in a while and who turned out to be particularly chatty. *sigh* Maybe this week.

I have done the body of the baby sweater I was working on, and should be able to finish it this week, depending on what kind of TV viewing there is. My appointment with my nutritionist (who I'm making this for) isn't until next week, so hopefully I'll have time to make the matching bonnet and booties too. It's turning out to be a little bigger than I expected, so I'd like to try translating this pattern into knitting to see if it works better that way - but that'll be a project for another time.

This week I'd really like to try getting back in a routine. I have to admit I've been floundering a bit without my daily routine - I really miss it.

I'd also like to get back to posting on my writing progress blog (the Current Projects tab at the top), but I've got some editing to get to as well, so we'll just have to see what kind of time I've got. ;-)

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