Apr 21, 2009

Caught Up . . . Again!

I can’t remember where I got this link from, but it leads to a very interesting article about writing poetry. Whenever I start to get discouraged that my fiction writing seems to have fallen by the wayside while I’m concentrating on the poetry challenge, I look at this quote:

“It can be much more difficult to make a poem than it is to write an essay or piece of fiction. There’s so much creative space, and without any limitations whatsoever, it can be overwhelming.”

You can read the whole article HERE . I've also added a link to the website on the right because there's lots of good information to be had there.

Dante seems to have forgiven me. He (unfortunately in his cat form) spent most of yesterday curled up against my legs as I sat reclined in the easy chair with the lap top on my lap. I credit him for my productivity.

Despite the nasty, grey weather, which usually incites me to slack off, I stayed away from the games and actually got my other four poems done, which means I’m caught up again. Again, they’re certainly not the longest poems I’ve ever written, but I don’t believe in adding unnecessary words just to make a poem look more impressive.

Today I have to take the daughter for a dress-fitting, but then I hope to get more writing done. I need to strike while the muse is willing! ;-)


Jamie said...

I think it's absolutely more challenging to write poetry - probably because I've never been good at it. Everything about it adds to the "feel" when one is reading poetry though, down to how the words appear on the page, and it seems so restrictive to me. But you seem to be handling the challenge very well, from what you've posted here, anyways...

C R Ward said...

Aw, thanks Jamie!

I've never felt poetry to be restrictive, in fact I enjoy writing in some of the more rigid forms. I find I do much better with rhyme and rhythm than I do with free verse.