Apr 13, 2009

Monday Meanderings

Even though the chair in my office is more comfortable, I find myself working in the dining room these days.

I’m a pretty visual person. I visualize things in my head, my dreams are very vivid, I think better when I can stare at something interesting. Right now the view from my office window is pretty uninspiring - the leafless tree outside and beyond that the house across the street.

The view from the dining room, however, is a different story. I can see the deck, the pool, the pond garden, most of the back yard, the trees at the back where the squirrels play . . . Right now I can still see part of the house our yard backs onto - the kids are playing with the dog again. They have a toy of some kind suspended from a tree and the dog loves to jump for it.

I must admit, I didn’t get a whole lot of writing done this weekend, at least not until Sunday. Sunday I played catch-up with the PAD challenge, and, to be honest, that’s when I wrote this post. I think my router is about to crap out on me, which isn’t surprising considering its age. My internet connection in the dining room wavers between “very low” and “no connection”.

I’ve looked back at the poems I’ve produced for PAD and for the most part I’m happy with them. There’s a couple I wish I hadn’t posted quite so quickly, but there’s nothing preventing me from changing them as I see fit now. The bulk of a poem usually comes quickly to me, but I’ll tweak it for a week or more before I consider it done. So maybe not having an internet connection today is a good thing. It’ll give my poems a chance to sit for a bit before they get posted.

edited later to add:
See, waiting paid off. I was having a shower this morning and thought of a new verse for on the the poems I wasn't happy with. Fortunately, I hadn't posted the last three days' worth of poems so I was able to change it. Much better!

edited again to add: As I said, I actually wrote the above post yesterday, then I managed to connect to the internet long enough to schedule it to appear this morning using the Post Options feature on my blog. However, one must remember that when one is using this feature before midnight, one must also change the time from PM to AM. Which I forgot to do. Which is why this post didn't show up at 8:30 AM like it was supposed to. *sigh*

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