Apr 20, 2009

It's Not My Fault!

So, after my nice little rant yesterday, and my assurances that I was off to get some writing done, I thought maybe I should organize My Favorites (bookmarks) first. However, Dante gave up his chair in the spare room (the one with the hanging plant over it that dripped a couple of drops of water on his tail) and sat on the table and stared at me until I turned my attention to the poems I needed to catch up on.

The colour poem I spoke of yesterday? I still couldn’t settle on just one colour, so I went ahead and did the poem about the rainbow. It probably took a lot longer than a single colour would have, but it’s the one that spilled out onto the page.

Then I turned to the remaining three prompts and drew a blank. Nada, zip, zilch, nothing.

Then my future son-in-law phoned me to remind me of the Doomsday Marathon running on the History Channel. YES! I caught all but the first few minutes of a documentary on the prophecies of Nostradamus, and all of a speculative piece on what would happen to the world if all the humans suddenly disappeared. The only thing I didn’t like about the latter show is that while it described in detail what would happen to the domestic dog, it didn’t say anything about cats.

Anyway, the good news about watching these shows is that I got ideas for the remaining poems I needed to catch up on.

There’s part of me that will be glad when this challenge is over so I can go back to concentrating on my other writing. :-)

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