Apr 15, 2009

A Funny Thing . . .

I’m still not getting a whole lot of writing (or should I say editing) done. The last couple of days I’ve even had trouble getting the poems out for the PAD challenge. However, I finally figured out why.

In my Big Book of Ideas, I had jotted down the bare bones for a trilogy concerning three women who get sucked into an alternate reality. For the last several days, all that keeps going through my mind is the plot for the second of the three books. I’ve got it pretty much worked out from start to finish and I’ve started to refine it in my mind. Once I’ve got names for my two main characters I’m going to have to start writing.

The last time an idea took hold of me like this and wouldn’t let go was just before Nano, and we all know how that turned out. Almost 60K words in 30 days. :-)

So much for editing, looks like my muse is demanding a little more action from me. What I don’t understand is why my muse is demanding I write the second book first. Maybe it’s because the hero looks a lot like my muse in his human form . . .

And now, because this is supposed to be Whimsical Wednesday, I leave you with another word of wisdom from Snoopy.

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