Apr 17, 2009

Creative Friday

This week you’re getting another selection of the poems I’ve been submitting for the PAD challenge. I admit that some days are easier than others when it comes to the PAD prompts . . . I still haven’t finished my poem for yesterday that’s supposed to be about a colour, which means I haven’t done today’s poem either. Oh, well. Here’s a few that I have finished:

Day Eight we were to write about a routine. After giving it much thought, I created a poem about the husband’s favorite routine, taking out the garbage. Or, as he and his buddy call it, Garbage Eve. If you’d like to sing along, it goes to the tune of O Christmas Tree. :-)

Garbage Eve

O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!
I hate thee with a passion;
O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!
Where’s the can for trashin’?
I hate you when the summer’s here,
But also when the winter’s near,
O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!
I hate thee with a passion!

Day Ten was Good Friday, so the prompt was to write a poem about Friday.

Thank God it’s Friday,
the end of the week!
My job is the pits and
my boss is a freak.
My co-workers hate me
my workspace? a joke;
who can see clearly
surrounded by smoke?
I finished my typing
with nary a sigh
and that’s when some moron
drops a stack off this high!
Home’s not much better
the kids are all sick,
the cat has a hairball,
my husband’s a dick.
So thank God it’s Friday,
I can rest for a while
and then greet my Monday
with a coffee and smile.

Honestly, I have no idea where all this humour is coming from in my poetry! ;-)

Okay, for my final selection I give you Day Eleven, which was to be a poem about an object:


You contemplate the world
from your perch high atop
the cathedral.
Silent, never judging;
older than the building
you protect.
On swift wings time passes
‘til only you remain
keeping your secrets
carved in stone.

Have a great weekend!


Jamie D. said...

A response to both yesterday and today's posts, in one comment.

Your poems are great! I can't write poetry at all, but I love silly things like this. Perfect!

And I need to comment more on blogs I read too...and yours is one I just found. Excellent blog, and great voice, but I have to admit, your muse (in human form)is quite amazing. How do you get any work done when he appears like that? ;-)

I'll be back!

C R Ward said...

Thanks Jamie!

I have a list of about 15 blogs I visit on a regular basis and I've only been commenting on about 5 of them. I finally decided I have no right to compain about the lack of comments on my own blogs if I'm not commenting myself, so I'm slowly breaking out of my shell.