Apr 19, 2009

Procrastination Demon

Okay, I just finished posting about Underpants Gnomes on my everyday blog and now I’m starting Monday’s post here a day early. As of today, Sunday, I’m four days behind on the poetry challenge, and yet I was able to hang around AW for a few hours yesterday and even posted a poem over there about things I’d say when I’m dead.

Procrastinator extrordinare, that’s me.

Although, to be fair to myself, I don’t think it’s all just procrastination. I’ve already written more poems this month than I do in most years, and some of the prompts require a lot of consideration. Like day sixteen: “Write about a colour.” The first colour that pops into my head is a rainbow. Then we have a prompt: “write about an interaction”, followed by: “write an angry poem.” How about writing a poem about how these prompts are making me angry?

As far as my other writing is going . . .

I think my muse, Dante, is getting back at me for withholding kitty treats (or maybe it’s because I accidentally dripped water on him when I was watering the plants). I try to focus on the edits for Driving Into Forever and all I can think of is one of the sequels. Not, of course, the sequel I have 20K+ written on, but the sequel I haven’t even started yet. And when I try to focus on one of my WIPs, all I can think of is the one I haven’t started yet. The one that is book two of a trilogy which is going to be hard to write because the main character is legally blind.

Okay, enough with the whining. I’m off to get some writing done. And just to keep myself honest, I’m posting this rant now so I’ll have to get something constructive done to post about tomorrow.

So take that, Procrastination Demon!

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