Apr 10, 2009

Creative Friday

I’m rather pleased with the progress I’m making on the PAD challenge. The prompts give you lots of leeway to work with. And I’m also pleased that each poem is different, as in they don’t read the same with the only change being the words. So far I’m almost equally split between

Day Two’s challenge was to write an outsider poem. You could write it from any outsider’s point of view whether it be yourself, someone else, or an inanimate object.

The Indoor Cat

He sits and stares
fixated on the great beyond
seeing others moving freely
where he cannot go
a shudder releasing
muscles tensed
for a spring
that cannot be made
forever watching the world
from behind a pane of glass.

Day Three’s challenge was to craft a poem that begins with the phrase “ The problem with . . .”

The problem with Panda is that
She is a most curious cat
she sticks in her nose
where it oughtn’t to goes
and she gets into trouble with that.

Day Five’s poem was to be about a landmark.


Standing stones
ring of mystery
keeping secrets
of the deepest past

Petrified bones
of ancient history
immobile spirits
of a knowledge vast.

Too many unknowns
for cosmic harmony
fleeting regrets
overtake us at last.

And finally we have Day Seven, which was a Two For Tuesday prompt. You could write either a dirty poem or a clean poem. Take it however you wish.

Snow (both clean and dirty)

As the season begins you start out so clean, pristine
A gentle white blanket
The landscape a dream.
But the snowploughs get busy, retracting, attacking
Compressing your beauty
Into something obscene.
By the end of the season you’re looked on as irksome, loathsome,
No longer attractive
But something unclean.

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