Nov 10, 2008

Groovy! Or Nano, Day 10

It’s late at night. The hubby’s in bed because he has to be up early for a bowling tournament in Toronto. I find a Star Trek marathon on the television to distract me from my writing. I have a cat curled up on the foot of my recliner. All of a sudden, I realize I’m paying more attention to my writing than the movie.

Insert open-mouthed look of shock here.

We’re not just talking any movie, we’re talking Star Trek VI The Voyage Home, my all time favorite movie. Is it possible? Could it be? I’ve finally found my writing groove.

It’s no longer about the word count. It’s about getting the story done. I keep getting distracted from my distractions by wanted to add just a few more words, finish that scene. One of the pep talk letters I received in my e-mail from Nano states: “. . . once you’ve established a daily rhythm of work, you’ll find it energizing and sustaining in itself. Even when it’s not going well.”

They’re right. Even when I’m having trouble with a scene I still keep plugging away, and eventually I work past it and before I know what’s happened I’ve added another few hundred words.

Persistence plus a whole lot of determination just might see me through to the end this year.

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