Nov 19, 2008

Seriously? It’s Wednesday? or Nano, Day 19

I thought yesterday was Wednesday. Of course I thought Monday was Friday. It’s easy to lose track of the days when you’re a practicing hermit. I see I also forgot to post yesterday.

Nothing much to report, other than the steady increase of words. My main characters have reached his planet, which still doesn’t have a name. I suck at naming planets. The last planet they were on was Sigma Alpha IV, which I think I stole from Star Trek.

My female main character is in a real skanky prison, my male main character is else where, kept prisoner with kindness. I am in the process of getting them back together.

The writing has been going so well lately that I actually got to bed early a couple of nights in a row, however, I still ended up sleeping in. Yeah, I know, poor pitiful me. The thing is, if I get more than seven hours of sleep I end up more tired and head-achy than if I don’t get enough sleep. So, I give up. Until the end of Nano I will bow to my body’s desire and stay up that extra hour to watch Star Trek (original series). I mean, to write.

I’m back to the whole - am I going to run out of story before I run out of words thing. I think it’ll be close. It’s taking them a while to find my female MC in the jail she’s in. There’s something a little underhanded going on and the man in charge of the jail is going to have to get his comeuppance. I think he might end up being the father of the woman who’s been pursuing the male MC romantically. Oooo! That would work out great! That’s how she knew Aleksandar was back at the palace . . .

*wanders off to include this new plot development*

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