Nov 23, 2008

Nano, Day 23

Well, in spite of grocery shopping and girl’s night yesterday, and Christmas shopping today, I made my 43K. And before midnight too!

Let’s see, my female main character has recovered from her illness and my male main character has developed a real stubborn streak, especially when it comes to recovering his memory (he doesn’t appear to want to remember).

He’s lured my poor FMC to a barn, of all places, for nefarious purposes, and just when they thought it was safe to relax in the afterglow, someone sets fire to the barn. They escape, but there’s still the question of who set the fire and why.

I managed about 500 words before shopping this morning, and the rest this evening. Despite the volume of the television, I was able to focus and just get it done. I think this deserves coffee cake and ice cream!

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