Nov 24, 2008

Nano, Day 24

Okay, I can definitely say I’m not going to run out of story. In fact, if I have the time once I reach the 50K that makes me a winner, I have a section at the beginning I need to add.

I started today as I normally do, checking my e-mails and my blog list, and then I sat at my desk staring at my document, fingers poised over the keyboard and . . . nothing. I reread the last section I wrote yesterday and . . . nada. I stared into space for a while and . . . zip, zilch, nil.

So then I logged into Absolute Write and started checking out the forum and after checking out the new posts I participated in a word war with some fellow Nanoers. This is where we pick a mutually agreeable time to start and then write as fast as we can for 30 minutes. Afterwards, we post our word counts.

The idea behind this is to give ourselves (and our writing) a little boost and for me it worked well. I wrote just under 900 words in my thirty minutes. Not only did it give me a jump start, I kept going and reached the 45K mark just before supper.

I’m turning into a regular writing machine, go me!

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